Our Roots

Red Hills Designs was founded in 2018 in Tallahassee, Florida by Jim and Courtney Cox, a father-daughter team with a desire to master the trade of the man from Bethlehem — woodworking. As George Jenkins, the Founder of Publix Supermarkets, said, “Begin, the rest is easy.” This desire to learn is now a passion for creating custom, handcrafted pieces that will serve as the center of love, laughter, family, and faith for decades to come.

In our workshop, we believe in integrity – both in the strength of each handcrafted piece and in our honest work. We’re rooted in faith. We seek beauty in the unexpected and find joy by uncovering what’s yet to be discovered. We take great pride in the history of our trade and have a deep understanding for the landscape that supports the tapestry of our culture. Our hands work hard. They value a sincere handshake just as much as a smooth finish. Each custom Red Hills Designs piece is hand crafted from locally sourced or salvaged wood and inspired by the loved ones that gather in our homes and the natural beauty of our region.

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you — today and in the future.